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About Neon

Neon has been part of everyday life for over one hundred years , predominantly as Neon signs, however, time & trends change, so today we are seeing Neon, one of the most highly visual advertising tool available, moving into Corporate Offices, Businesses & Homes

Neon is extremely versatile, cost effective & durable, so whether it's Corporate Branding, Retail Merchandising or Modern Living, Neon makes a statement that no one can miss

Neon Signs, Shapes & Letters may cost more than other forms of illuminated signage initially because of the need for transformers or converters, however, over the longer term Neon represents excellent value for money due to it's low maintenance and power consumption .

Under normal conditions Neon will last an amazingly long time, Overseas, there are many Neon Signs that have been in place over 50 years that are still operating perfectly

Now that's value for money !!


Neon is Cold Cathode lighting - as it is termed in the Industry,

Cold Cathode Lighting is regarded in some countries as any neon tube over 15mm in diameter but highly efficient lighting can still be achieved with smaller

tubes as well .

But you must admit, COLD CATHODE CAFE just doesn't sound right !

COLD CATHODE lighting utilizes several gasses,

NEON gas creates Neon red light ,

To produce other colours in cold cathode tubes ARGON gas is used with coloured glass or glass that has been coated with a phosphorous activator. Other types of gasses used are KRYPTON and XENON. A combination of these gases and tubes can also produce other colours and effects.

The benefits of using cold cathode signs and lighting-

   High visibility due to the light frequency emission

   Low running cost

   Low Maintenance

   Can be Sculpted it to just about any shape

   Long life - some as old as 50 years are sill working fine

   Reduced eye strain due to the higher frequency

   Special effects and colour combinations

   Glass stays around 40 C,  warm to the touch

   (domestic light bulb = 250 C + )